[Discuss] oshwa makers and more on whitehouse.gov, removed

phillip torrone pt at adafruit.com
Fri Feb 24 15:00:44 UTC 2017

hey folks,

this is not a political thing, our community let us know that the whitehouse champion of change makers were all removed, including limor fried, my partner, from the whitehouse.gov site, nothing surprising, new group, other priorities - there are back ups and archives of course - and we took photos :)


that said, i'm emailing with some oshwa folks, and MAKE and others to see if we can all get together and have a place online where usa hardware makers a celebrates and supported (more).

there are a few of us making and manufacturing in the USA, it would be good to have an independent place(s) where folks can see we exist - we could do a section on adafruit, but a non-profit oshwa-like org might also be a good place.

they have a meeting next week from what i understand and i've projected some ideas :)

if you have ideas too, maybe post'em up here?

oshwa baseball cards!


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