[Discuss] Seeking an Open Hardware Community Manager at Public Lab

Jeffrey Warren jeff at publiclab.org
Thu Feb 16 22:19:15 UTC 2017

Hi, all, we're looking for someone to join the PL staff in the open
hardware area!

*Discover, design, assemble, troubleshoot, test, and improve DIY open
source environmental monitoring tools with community members, staff, and
other researchers around the world!*

Learn more: https://publiclab.org/n/13934

[image: Inline image 1]



Start Date: April 2017
Location: Preference given to applicants in, or willing to relocate to,
Somerville (MA), New York (NY), and Portland (OR). Possible consideration
to Durham (NC) and New Orleans (LA).
Terms: Full time

Position Summary

The Public Lab nonprofit is happy to announce a full time job opening for
the Open Hardware Community Manager. The application period will be open
through March 8, 2017.

The Open Hardware Community Manager leads the Kits Initiative, part of
Public Lab's Community Development program. The Kits Initiative's purpose
is to scaffold and support community collaborative design through
easy-to-get-started kits and access to off-the-shelf tools. This helps
people bootstrap their involvement, making the Kits Initiative a critical
driver of growth in the Public Lab community.

The Open Hardware Community Manager is responsible for shepherding Public
Lab's DIY environmental monitoring kits, which are designed collaboratively
by community members, staff and other researchers, from prototype phase to
available for sale and loan -- in a public, transparent way. On a given
kit, the Open Hardware Community Manager might participate in product
discovery, design, assembly, troubleshooting, field testing, and
improvement. While this position does not require core competency in
electronic circuit design, we expect the Open Hardware Community Manager to
be able to rigorously and resourcefully seek input from the diverse Public
Lab community to answer questions in order to make decisions on such topics
if and when they come up. The Open Hardware Community Manager works closely
with other staff to ensure prototype-to-package work flows are documented
and identify opportunities for partnerships, community integration, and
bringing small runs of new kits, especially those designed by Public Lab
community members, to market.
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