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Sam Muirhead sam at cameralibre.cc
Tue Mar 1 11:53:06 UTC 2016

Regarding Peter's suggestion to help educate Envienta on going properly open 
source, feel free to adapt/ copy and paste from this text I have used to 
convince/convert NC 'Open Source' projects on various occasions:


it has about an 80% success rate. Well, it has a 100% success rate at either 
changing the license or dropping the 'open source' claim when I actually get 
a response and we have a conversation. But sometimes I get no response 
whatsoever and they go on with business as usual. Worth a shot though!

One more thing on Envienta though... where are their actual projects? I see a 
lot of 3d renderings and marketing, but no designs, no collaboration space, 
no licenses...

----Sam Muirhead
Open Source / Video

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