[Discuss] New reading group: solid modelling CAD (toward FOSS meche CAD)

Nancy Ouyang nancy.ouyang at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 21:26:15 UTC 2015

Anyone want to join a new reading group I'm starting?

The idea is to get a good background on parametric solid modelling CAD
(think solidworks, proE, openSCAD).

(to be clear, NOT how to use the tools, but how to write new ones or
contribute to FOSS implementations).

I think the first group meeting would simply be an overview of existing
approaches and the pros/cons of existing FOSS CAD software (as well as
introductions to each other).

Proposed time is 6pm EST Sundays over google hangouts (and possibly
simultaneously in person in Camberville, MA), totally open to other times.

*❄ ❄*

* Sign up here: FORM
❄ ❄*The results are here:

I will form a new mailing list for this reading group from the emails on
the form responses, unless you indicate otherwise on the form.

Thank you!

(for those who saw a round of emails in the spring: working slowly away on
this topic, sidetracked by boatwork / grad school applications :])

Some materials for reference

*A good overview, B Rep vs F rep*:

misc. stuff

*class, CAD for Mechanical Engineering *http://www.cgeo.ulg.ac.be/CAO/
*2010? Essential Mathematics for Computational Design *
*2004? A CAD-Free and a CAD-Based Geometry Control System for Aerodynamic
   Shape Optimization *
   - *1998? Bridging the gap between CSG and BRep via Triple Ray

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