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Hal Gottfried hal at kcohg.org
Tue Sep 9 04:12:04 UTC 2014

Pablo, first let me say that is awesome news, I am always happy when I see
people go the Open Source route (either hardware or software).  I've done
some recent posts on our site (www.kcohg.org) concerning licensing and the
OS models, I must say it's still a very confusing landscape.

We recently joined forces with OSHWA acting creating the first branch (of
hopefully many many more) in the states.  I believe this step along with
the steps of many like yourself will give rise to a new and more complete
understanding of what openness truly means.

Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge there is not a central repository
yet that can be referenced or searched in the same fashion as is done for
patents and copy protection.  There are however places to list your project
that are working towards OSH licensing such as http://www.ohwr.org/ (see
http://www.ohwr.org/licenses for more about the CERN and TAPR licenses).

While I understand sometimes it's difficult to understand how something can
have a license model as well as being open source I believe it can be done
while allowing it to still be shared publicly without restriction thus
allowing people to modify, improve and redistribute their contributions.

If we can help in any way as you work through the process, please let us
know either via this list or directly we are happy to help. We would also
love to hear other feelings on licensing OSHW in general both pro and cons.

  Regards -

*Hal Gottfried* *Cofounder* *, KC Open Hardware Group* (Kansas City Area
OSHWA Branch)
hal at kcohg.org | www.kcohg.org

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 9:53 AM, David A. Mellis <dmellis at gmail.com> wrote:

> We have some best practices for open sourcing hardware on the OSHWA web
> site: http://www.oshwa.org/sharing-best-practices/
> Any questions / suggestions, let me / us know, as I’m trying to make that
> document as useful as possible.
> David
> On Sep 6, 2014, at 1:09 AM, Pablo Kulbaba <pablokulbaba at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi. I'm on the process of open sourcing a piece of hardware. I've
> decided to take the step and give OS a try with some of my own work.
> > Already have the 3D model.
> > What would be the practical steps to properly do this?
> > Where do i register it?
> > Any repository to recomend? GitHub?
> > Stamping the license on the drawings? What about doing it on the 3D?
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
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