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Matt Maier blueback09 at gmail.com
Thu May 15 16:27:38 UTC 2014

This article has an interesting point. Basically, Autodesk is getting
behind the idea of open source 3D printing software AND hardware because
they sell modeling software. They don't particularly care if the actual
printing tools are profitable, because they make their money off of the
modeling part of the tool chain.


*"[Autodesk] will release an open software platform for 3-D printing, which
would enable makers of 3-D printers to spend far less on operational
software. It will also sell its own 3-D printer..."*
*"3-D printers could become cheaper and pervasive. That would help
Autodesk, which sells sophisticated software for designing and modeling
*"Autodesk expects to license the software inside its printer at no cost
and will also let people copy the printer’s hardware design"*

So, maybe the open source hardware community can identify more potential
alliances with large stakeholders based on the Google/Autodesk model. Find
a large company that makes their money when people USE the open source
technology so that, rather than being threatened by it, they have a strong
incentive to encourage it.

For example, maybe marketplace companies like Etsy might be interested,
since open source hardware expands the pool of potential sellers for them.
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