[Discuss] Autodesk announces open hardware 3D lithography printer

Jeffrey Warren jeff at publiclab.org
Thu May 15 13:38:06 UTC 2014

I'm sure many folks on the list are already aware, but I find this pretty
amazing, and a big vote for open hardware! Way to go Autodesk! I wonder
what open hardware license they will choose.

> Autodesk expects to license the software inside its printer at no cost
and will also let people copy the printer’s hardware design. Autodesk has
not yet determined which of several standard open-source licenses it will
use, if any.


In keeping with our open approach, we will make it simple to integrate new
materials into our printer, and will also make the design files for the
printer available so others can iterate on and enhance its capabilities.
--Autodesk (http://www.autodesk.com/campaigns/spark)
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