[Discuss] [DIYbio] Re: Github/hardware

John Griessen john at industromatic.com
Tue Mar 26 23:14:28 UTC 2013

On 03/26/2013 05:50 PM, Bryan Bishop wrote:
  something that natively supports visual diffs would be
> better. Thingiverse had some potential here when it started out, but
> they never bothered to do git integration (probably because of how
> busy on other priorities they were).
> But yeah, I often just throw everything into git anyway.

Fossil is another version control software to consider.  It has less features
than git, but is easier to use for me, and has the concept of keeping all
history in each repository, no rebase, each time you do a merge, sender and receiver get
updated.  It has a nice visual timeline and web interface and diff can be an external tool,
so visual diffs would be easy, maybe even run 2D viewers to do an XOR diff on image and vector drawing files...

Keeping all and never rewriting history with rebase could let mistakes bloat the size of the repository...
but I believe you can rewind and replay history to create new repositories if you had to get rid of some
accident that burned 1/2 a GB.

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