[Discuss] French tanslation

Marie Walrafen marie.walrafen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 08:25:38 UTC 2012


If I can help with any translation to French, I would gladly do so.
I'm fluent in English and French is my mother language.

I'm almost used to translating IT English to French, I used to update the
French version of the PC BSD site which I had fully translated. Having no
other technical education than my natural curiosity for how things work, I
might need rereading or ask a few questions to make sure I got things
straight if articles go into details, but general text should be no problem.

I love the principle and reality of Open source, it's one of the things
that make our times welI worth living for me :)

Last but not least : I'm spending most my days outdoors with a chainsaw
until Aug 27th ... so it can take me a few hours to reply.

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