[Discuss] Open source files and code (and license) for Arduino products missing?

phillip torrone pt at adafruit.com
Wed Jun 14 19:21:30 UTC 2017

on arduino day april 1, 2017 there was the promise to keep arduino open source, it's on the packaging and more and is what is advertised. consumers are purchasing things that are called open-source when it comes to arduino products.

here's a cursory review of some of the boards from arduino.org. there are some missing files/licenses we looked for but could not find.

Arduino Primo: http://www.arduino.org/products/boards/arduino-primo
"Schematic & Reference Design - Coming soon"

there's also firmware burned onto the STM32FL103
	but unclear where the source code for that lives or what license its under

Star Otto:   http://www.arduino.org/products/boards/arduino-star-otto
	Only Schematic posted, no license indicated, DogHunter logo is the only ownership note

Arduino STAR - LCD http://www.arduino.org/products/accessories/arduino-star-lcd
	No technical files.

Arduino YUN MINI: http://www.arduino.org/products/boards/arduino-yun-mini
	Only schematic posted, no license indicated, DogHunter is author/owner
	Schematic black-boxes "WiFi module" despite it being an integral part of the board and designed by Arduino.org, not a submodule

Arduino LUCKY SHIELD: http://www.arduino.org/products/shields/arduino-lucky-shield
	Schematics have no license indicated, DogHunter is author/owner
	EAGLE files: arduino-Lucky-Shield-reference-design.zip links to a PDF of the gerber print with no Eagle Files, DogHunter/Linino is author/owner

some of these are new products so perhaps it takes some time, however some are from 2014, 2015 or 2016:

1) are these products open source?
2) if so, where are the open source files?
3) if not, why is it not open source?
4) PDFs are not considered design files:
	"The hardware must be released with documentation including design files, and must allow modification and distribution of the design files."
5) the owner/author of many of these is DogHunter/Linino, not Arduino, why is that?

we emailed the arduino folks (Federico Musto, Fabio Violante, Daniela Antonietti) to get clarification and where these files are located for the open-source hardware and software products from arduino.

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