[Discuss] Open source files and code (and license) for Arduino products missing?

Phillip Torrone pt at adafruit.com
Thu Jun 15 09:46:47 UTC 2017

a few people emailed me directly and pointed out there are a lot more
arduino.org products that are missing files and licenses, code, etc. here
is another...

Schematic & Reference Design
EAGLE files: Braccio-Shield-reference-design.zip (coming soon)
Schematic: Braccio-Shield-schematic.pdf (coming soon)
(and it appears there is no indication the mechanics will be released

On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 3:21 PM, phillip torrone <pt at adafruit.com> wrote:

> on arduino day april 1, 2017 there was the promise to keep arduino open
> source, it's on the packaging and more and is what is advertised. consumers
> are purchasing things that are called open-source when it comes to arduino
> products.
> here's a cursory review of some of the boards from arduino.org. there are
> some missing files/licenses we looked for but could not find.
> Arduino Primo: http://www.arduino.org/products/boards/arduino-primo
> "Schematic & Reference Design - Coming soon"
> there's also firmware burned onto the STM32FL103
>         https://github.com/arduino-org/arduino-core-nrf52/tree/
> master/firmwares/primo/stm32
>         but unclear where the source code for that lives or what license
> its under
> Star Otto:   http://www.arduino.org/products/boards/arduino-star-otto
>         Only Schematic posted, no license indicated, DogHunter logo is the
> only ownership note
>         http://www.arduino.org/images/tutorials/ARDUINO-STAR-V31-
> Schematic.pdf
> Arduino STAR - LCD http://www.arduino.org/products/accessories/arduino-
> star-lcd
>         No technical files.
> Arduino YUN MINI: http://www.arduino.org/products/boards/arduino-yun-mini
>         Only schematic posted, no license indicated, DogHunter is
> author/owner
>         http://download.arduino.org/products/YUNMINI/Arduino-yun-
> mini-schematics.pdf
>         Schematic black-boxes "WiFi module" despite it being an integral
> part of the board and designed by Arduino.org, not a submodule
> Arduino LUCKY SHIELD: http://www.arduino.org/products/shields/arduino-
> lucky-shield
>         Schematics have no license indicated, DogHunter is author/owner
>         EAGLE files: arduino-Lucky-Shield-reference-design.zip links to a
> PDF of the gerber print with no Eagle Files, DogHunter/Linino is
> author/owner
> some of these are new products so perhaps it takes some time, however some
> are from 2014, 2015 or 2016:
>         http://download.arduino.org/products/LUCKY/SHIELD_LUCKY_
> V032_20150224_SCH.pdf
>         http://download.arduino.org/products/YUNMINI/Arduino-yun-
> mini-schematics.pdf
> 1) are these products open source?
> 2) if so, where are the open source files?
> 3) if not, why is it not open source?
> 4) PDFs are not considered design files:
>         https://www.oshwa.org/definition/
>         "The hardware must be released with documentation including design
> files, and must allow modification and distribution of the design files."
> 5) the owner/author of many of these is DogHunter/Linino, not Arduino, why
> is that?
> we emailed the arduino folks (Federico Musto, Fabio Violante, Daniela
> Antonietti) to get clarification and where these files are located for the
> open-source hardware and software products from arduino.
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