[Discuss] Looking for Latin American Open Hardware projects

Emilio Velis contacto at emiliovelis.com
Mon Feb 27 17:00:19 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I have been recently invited as a curator for projects at the next Mini
Maker Faire in Miami, in April. I'm focused in setting up a small exhibit
for the Latin America region on open hardware initiatives focused on
resilience, development or similar subjects. I know that many of you are
not from this region but I didn't want to leave the opportunity aside to
ask you and see if you know of any interesting ideas worth mentioning.

So far I've been in contact with people from Southmade in Ecuador, as well
as the local OSHWA branch here in El Salvador through Mario López and the
Guatemalan Arduino community, and have some great projects so far.

I'm also open for projects that are not from Latin America but that are
either focused in these subjects, that have been implemented in the region
or have the potential to do so.

Let me know if have any ideas. Thanks!
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