[Discuss] Call for ideas for the new Open Hardware Certification logo

Franz Nahrada f.nahrada at reflex.at
Thu Mar 17 15:11:59 UTC 2016

Thanks Jeff,

So this is a call for ideas and not the suggestion ("Not this mark — a
new one! ")

I suppose the "electronic background" was just an application example and
not part of the logo itself. 

maybe the idea "certified" should be reflected in the logo.

and yes, I understand the old logo now much better, because it is derived
from the OSI Logo.

if we just combine it with the "copyleft" logo ? maybe thats to simple of
an idea....

Greets from Austria


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>Hi, all! Looking ahead, we'll need a distinct mark for the certification
>program, so we've put out a call for ideas. Thanks!

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