[Discuss] curious statement on github about oshwa certiification

Javier Serrano Javier.Serrano at cern.ch
Fri Jul 8 07:51:24 UTC 2016

On 07/07/2016 11:49 PM, Nancy Ouyang wrote:

>   * *which license do you want?*
>       o oshwa: copyleft

There is no oshwa license I am aware of. If you want persistence in an
open hardware license, the two options I know of are TAPR OHL and CERN OHL.

In my opinion, the most important message about licensing we should
convey is this: a license *is* what allows the design to be shared in
the way we want. The default for copyright in many jurisdictions is "all
rights reserved", i.e. if I find a design on the web, in principle I
don't have the right to copy it, modify it and redistribute it. A
license is the tool we use to grant those permissions.



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