[Discuss] Open Source Circular Economy days, June 11-15th

Sam Muirhead sam at cameralibre.cc
Wed Jun 10 12:23:01 UTC 2015

Hello from Berlin!
Just a quick message for everybody to keep their eyes open for the Open
Source Circular Economy Days, happening in 33 cities around the world
this weekend.
It's a distributed hackathon to kickstart a global, grassroots
collaborative movement for a waste-free, 'cradle-to-cradle' circular

We think that a circular economy is only possible through transparency,
collaboration, open source and open standards, but our vision of an Open
Source Circular Economy doesn't exist yet.
So for the OSCEdays we're spending 5 days developing tangible examples -
open hardware, open design, open data, and free software projects which
can be the first stepping stones in this direction.

Please follow and tweet with the hashtag #OSCEdays, check out our live
streams, or dive into our forums and contribute to the discussion.

A handful of projects that might be interesting for the OSHWA crowd:

Circular Maker Spaces:
Open Energy Life Cycles:
Industrial and Service Design for the Circular Economy:
Documentation Jam for waste plastic -> 3D filament device:
Community Renewable Energy:

If you're in a city with an OSCEdays event, please head along and join in!

*Sam Muirhead*

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