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Andrew Quitmeyer andy at comingle.io
Thu Jul 23 00:13:17 UTC 2015

Major lawsuit just opened up in the world of Sexual Technology. A well
known troll is attacking Comingle, along with entities like Kickstarter,
and also Haptic interaction companies.  Comingle could really use your help
digging up as much prior art as possible.
Here's a quick rundown of what's happening from a Sex Tech Historian:

Thanks for your help! More information below!


Hello, we are reaching out to you because we see you as a friend of sexual
technology. To keep sharing open-source sextech designs we need your help
to hunt down prior-art and lawyers who will help us fight this. See the *action
items* below for more details.

Without warning, on July 20th, Comingle, and several other sex and tech
companies (including Kickstarter and Vibease) unexpectedly had a suit filed
against them.

This is all public knowledge and is listed here:
 .   Please peruse this for more information about the case and all the
defendants involved.

 If I have incorrectly stated any facts from this case, it is my own fault,
and Comingle should not be to blame. Here's what I have been able to

The people bringing the suit are classified as a "Non-Practicing Entity"
meaning they hold patents, but do not make anything themselves. These are
the companies sometimes heard of pejoratively referred to as "patent

It seems that, according to them they have a patent (this one:
http://www.google.com/patents/US6368268 ) which they think applies to *ANY
sort of teledildonics operation*. For instance, they argue that we are in
violation by having a "browser based platform for controlling the devices."
They have claims against a person remotely operating a toy with another

Unfortunately we are just a very small company just starting, and thus need
as much help as we can get to try to defend ourselves from such attacks. So
we are requesting your

Action Items
Right now, the best way you can help is to help us find:

1. Prior art for computer, network, or internet controlled (sexual)
stimulation devices created before August 1997. It needs to be items that

A) Existed and were publicly available

B) Are dated in some way

2. a pro-bono patent lawyer who would be willing to help us out with this

*Send findings to info at comingle.io <info at comingle.io> and put "Prior-Art"
in the subject.*

Thank you SO much! We are looking forward to continue bringing you all open
and free resources for developing and customizing open-source sexual



Andrew Quitmeyer
Founder / Designer / Documentarian
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