[Discuss] Favorite OSHW Linux computers?

Hal Gottfried hal at kcohg.org
Thu Feb 5 17:08:28 UTC 2015

There is also a great book about it ...

Apologies if this message is brief as it's sent from my phone.

On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 9:07 AM -0800, "alicia" <amgibb at gmail.com> wrote:

This type of stuff is actually all laid out in the Best Practices of Open Source Hardware:
Ideally, your open-source hardware project would be designed using a free and open-source software application, to maximize the ability of others to view and edit it. For better or worse however, hardware design files are often created in proprietary programs and stored in proprietary formats. It is still essential to share these original design files; they constitute the original “source code” for the hardware. They are the very files that someone will need in order to contribute changes to a given design.

On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 10:03 AM, Pablo Kulbaba <pablokulbaba at gmail.com> wrote:

    Mario: can you list some of the "many pseudo-"Open-Source" boards."


    On 05/02/2015 01:48 p.m., Mario Gómez

            Hi Michael!


              Yes it can be called Open because you could easily
              reaplicate it in another CAD software or convert it to
              another CAD format to comply with the EAGLE License terms.
              Even it's possible to share the diagrams as non-editable
              formats (JPG, PDF, others) if a CAD design file it's not
              available. As I understand, the latter is accepted but not
              recommended for obvious reasons.


            However if for example your PCB layout requires a really
            precise differential-signalling considerations and you dont
            provide the details or the specs for the only reason to
            difficult making copies. I wouldn't think that design could
            be considered OpenSource-Hardware beause you are hiding or
            making difficult to access critical details of the design
            needed for the proyect to work.


          And that's the "trap" of many pseudo-"Open-Source" boards.







        On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 10:35 AM,
          Michael McCormack <mike at themccormacks.com>

            To Hal's list of requirements - if I release
              Eagle files, which can't be used commercially without a
              commercial Eagle license can it be called "open" ? 




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