[Discuss] Publish OSHW with CC0?

Emilio Velis contacto at emiliovelis.com
Wed Nov 5 19:24:00 UTC 2014

> I was indeed mentioning a project I'm working on creating a set of
> metadata to describe hardware projects ... but I wonder what is harder, a
> useable meta tagging scheme or good image recognition that would lead to
> linked documentation.
> And regarding a database of "pior art" ... this already exists as
> defensive publication is indeed an IP strategy that some companies use. See
> https://www.patexia.com/defensive_publication.html for instance
You don't need image recognition, I think. I really know very little about
the subject, but I do know that national patent offices conduct searches
from different sources: technical publications, scientific journals, and
others. The first and most important is their current patent database,
which would mean that they simply analyze a catalogued database. I know
there are two systems of classification: the IPC and CPC. Regarding the
type of invention, the office will simply search for records depending on
the clasification (according to the claims). What I would be interested in
would be to simply build a database that mirrors the structure and content
of a patent database, with the only difference being that the patents are
open. A person looking to disclose an invention would have the option of
either a. "mirror" their patent in the open patent database so that people
know it can be used, and b. to serve as a reliable source for exhaustive
examination made by patent offices around the world.
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