[Discuss] Publish OSHW with CC0?

Javier Serrano Javier.Serrano at cern.ch
Wed Nov 5 14:20:13 UTC 2014

On 11/05/2014 02:30 PM, Roy Nielsen wrote:

> Maybe it's time for a group of people to go to lawmakers to create
> copyleft law(s) that balance out the closed nature of patent law.  Or
> work on changing patent law to have copyleft provisions.

If copyleft were decoupled from copyright -- and I don't have a clue of
how difficult that would be -- copyleft advocacy would be freed from
considerations on copyright, an uncomfortable but unavoidable travel
companion for many. When RMS invented copyleft, it remained to be seen
what its value for society would be. Now that it's proven, I think the
case could become more compelling for lawmakers.



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