[Discuss] voting with your wallet

Drew Fustini pdp7pdp7 at gmail.com
Sat May 31 18:03:23 UTC 2014

[I know there's probably way too much talk of MakerBot, especially
after the 2012 Summit, but this has me particularly crestfallen and I
always look to this community to inform my opinions]

*sigh* I'm quite disappointed my favorite author, Cory Doctorow, isn't
voting with his wallet for Open Source Hardware just like I vote
against DRM when I buy multiple copies of each of his titles:

"I bought a Makerbot and I love it. **I'll probably buy another one
soon** [emphasis mine]. You can make your own choice: if you want to
support a company that has committed to never filing a patent,
Adafruit Industries will sell you a rather nice LulzBot.com, which
comes with Free Software Foundation Certification. I've seen them in
action and I think they make beautiful things"

While I didn't necessarily need a $2,000 laptop, I backed the Novena
because I want to see an Open Source Hardware laptop market exist.
(Sadly, I seem to have failed to vote for OSHW when I bought a
PrintrBot as I failed to properly read the license before purchasing)

What's the best way to encourage others to vote for Open Source
Hardware with their wallets too?


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