[Discuss] Opensource Licence for ancestral and local culture works where copyright does not fit with local culture

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Just to add to the subject, people from the FLOK Society are working right
now on a policy draft for Ecuador on this very subject and have a couple of
remarks on the subject:

On 28 May 2014 06:51, Matt Maier <blueback09 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Huh, that's interesting. Some of the labels have gender limitations. It
> hadn't occurred to me that someone might make a license-type-thing with
> that clause. This particular one has not just a gender restriction, but an
> initiation restriction, so the information would only be available to
> particular males and no one else.
> http://www.localcontexts.org/node/26
> "*Given its nature it is only to be accessed and used by authorized [and
> initiated] men in the community. If you are an external third party user
> and you have accessed this material, you are requested to not download,
> copy, remix or otherwise circulate this material to others. This material
> is not freely available within the community and it therefore should not be
> considered freely available outside the community*."
> But that's just one of the labels, which don't seem to actually have any
> power other than communicating ethics and intentions.
> There's an "outreach only" license, which seems like it contradicts the
> OSH principle of not discriminating against fields of endeavor.
> http://www.localcontexts.org/node/18
> "*You may only use this work for outreach activities. Depending on what
> kind of activities designed by the TK holder, and the possibilities for
> increased circulation of this material, this license asks you to develop a
> means for fair and equitable reciprocal exchange for the use of this
> material with the relevant TK holders.*"
>  On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 2:18 AM, FREE SMALL WIND TURBINE PROJECT PEOPLE <
> smallwindturbineproj.contactor at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> This is a "for information" post, which is connected with OSHWA purpose.
>> §-- If you have only a flash moment for reading this post:
>> this is a suggest to have a look to TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE LICENCE at
>> http://www.localcontexts.org/#licenses
>> §-- If you have more time to read:
>> As you may know, I'm part of those, on this OSHWA Discuss List, who are
>> particularly sensitive with the effect that the concept of copyright could
>> have on local culture where this copyright concept is not aligned with
>> ancestral usages (often, this takes place where oral culture is proeminent).
>> And I've been informed that a project is currently trying to solve this
>> kind of problem, proposing adapted licences called:
>> * http://www.localcontexts.org/#licenses
>> From my humble point of view this initiative will certainty touch, one
>> day, some Free Libre OpenSource Tangible works, and other licences works.
>> The entrance of ancestral or cultural non-copyrightable works (because of
>> lack of such law in the places where they are taking place), into the danse
>> of Global Open Knowledge (and Global Open Tangible works), is maybe a
>> important event.
>> Oder ? No ?
>> Freely,
>> Antoine
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