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Harry Hutton harryhutton92 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 17:38:08 UTC 2014

Hey guys,

Interesting video from Steven Johnson here


He talks extensively about liquid networks - basically an environment where
ideas have sex. To a certain extent, this mailing list is a liquid network.

Does anyone know of any good websites where this also occurs?

Essentially i'm wondering if there is a place to post some half formed
product ideas - in the hopes that others can suggest ideas for them and we
can bring the idea forward. Or a place for describing design problems,
framing them as challenges - and the community works together to research
options and put forward solutions.

An example of a design idea which I quickly put together in Photoshop:
Others would then be able to respond, and perhaps project areas could be
set up such as hardware sourcing, software writing, industrial design,
manufacturing etc.

An example of a design problem (which would be formed as a text post):
*"When I go jogging I sometimes run through dodgy areas. Would be nice to
have some sort of way to call for help if needed - but I don't want to
carry my bulky phone in my pocket"*
Others could then respond with ideas (which I assume would potentially
result in a design idea of some sort of wearable incorporating a panic
button. This could then lead to further development.)

Hope you are all well,
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