[Discuss] Manufacturing services for small projects (< 1000 units)

Mario Gómez mxgxw.alpha at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 20:36:09 UTC 2014


Now I have a question: here in El Salvador we have a couple of people
trying to manufacture electronic devices, but since many years ago we lack
manufacturing facilities. I'm trying to find people that could offer that
kind of services worldwide.

I would think that is possible that someone on this list already offer
services for things like PCB manufacturing, board assembly or the whole

I think that would be great if the OSHWA could have a list of "trusted"
providers (as a member benefit?), this list could be proposed by the OSHWA
members and the members could rate them based on their experience with
their services (like eBay).

I know that I can simply make a "google search" for this kind of services,
but I'm of the thinking that for a small startup project, the risk of
ending with a bad provided from a google search is not necesary when there
is already a community that can help with their experience.

Something basic like a list of Company names, minimum quantities that could
be ordered, accepted payment methods, countries that could be served, etc.
Could be really usefull for small OHSW projects that may be don't have
access to facilities for manufacturing in their home countries (like our
case), or don't have enough time or people to do all the logistics involved
to handle the whole manufacturing process.

What do you think?

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