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Johan Söderberg johan.soderberg at sts.gu.se
Sat Jan 18 09:22:51 UTC 2014

Hi list,

Somewhat belatedly, I want to chip in on the discussion about starting or not a new academic journal about open hardware development. For that which is not legally related (i.e. that which would fit in to IFOSS Law Review, as Andrew Katz proposed before), you should feel free to make use of Journal of Peer Production (http://peerproduction.net/), so as not to duplicate effort. It is run in connection with the P2P Foundation, and the goal from the start has been to provide a common forum for academics and those who obey the hands-on imperative. We would be happy to receive articles and special issue proposals, of course, but also your input on how to change the journal to make it relevant for your community. Of immediate interest might be the special issue planed for June/July on shared machine shops and prototyping (curated by Maxigas and Peter Troxler).

all the best
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