[Discuss] Does CC SA actually 'work' for real hardware?

Michael McCormack mike at themccormacks.com
Wed Apr 16 15:54:44 UTC 2014

I think you're missing my point, my interest is not removing something from
open source or trying to not release my derivative from being open.  Nor am
I talking about the case where I design an original work and can decide
what I publish.  What I am wondering is how I can start with something that
requires me to republish (CC-SA or GPL3) and meet the requirements if I
want something that is UL rated, bearing my trademark or probably several
other "normal" uses.  To the point about cloners - most cloners are lazy
and if I publish files without a logo, they'd clone boards without a logo;
some are dishonest, and you can't effectively keep them from copying every
aspect including a trademark.

I'd just like to be honest and meet the requirements of publishing
derivative based on the growing effort in the open source world, and as I
said it looks like to me I can't if I want something commercially viable.
 I don't want to operate in the wink and nod mode where I publishing a
design file that doesn't contain a logo and saying that is good enough even
though the physical board contains one and is clearly a derivative work -
like I said I'd like to be honest.


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