[Discuss] Translation to Spanish for "Best Practices for Open-Source Hardware"

Mario Gómez mxgxw.alpha at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 23:03:46 UTC 2013

Hi everybody!

I'm Mario from El Salvador, I'm part of the Open-Source Hardware Community
here in my country. We started almost two months ago coordinating a
Open-Source Hardware Meetup that was held on September 5. This meetup had
the objetive to map and identify the individuals working or creating OSHW
solutions here in my country.

We just started our website http://www.openhardware.sv/ We also have a
small forum were we try to encourage people to share their Open-Source
proyects and find related-information.

I find the" Best Practices for Open-Source Hardware" really interesting to
share and I'm looking for a translation of it in Spanish. I can make the
translation by myself but I think that if a translation of it already
exists that would be better.

If a translation doesn't exists, I can share my translation to Spanish when
I finish so you can share it with anyone that could need it.

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