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> The term "original" in this context does not refer to the "first version"
> but to files in the format most suited to modification, as referenced in
> the OSHW definition.    For example, solidworks files used to design a
> mechanical part would be considered "original design files" whereas an STL
> file-- of that same design  --exported from solidworks would not.   To use
> another example, your OpenProj files would be considered as an "original"
> whereas the exported PDF version is not.
> There is a more detailed discussion of original design files in the
> in-progress "Best Practices" guide that has been mentioned several times on
> this list, and it does include a discussion of what to do when (for
> example) the real "original" files are not CAD based.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CiL9nd0xPOGRkHcNnOTZdHG-niAHteOm74f9PmAHdLg/edit#
Well, in light of the fact that the definitions of OSHW are still evolving,
if we're going to use that document then it does clearly state that if the
machine was originally designed in a non-modifiable format then that format
still counts as the "original" file. It does not state that you have to
create modifiable CAD files just for publication.

As far as I know OSE didn't design the LifeTrac in CAD; they just used CAD
afterwards to create a digital blueprint.

> In the case of the LifeTrac, if the only up-to-date documentation from
> that project is your OpenProj file, then that documentation should be
> considered to constitute the "original design files" for that version of
> the project.
To be clear, the OpenProj file really only captured the process information
(step one, step two, etc). The instructions for the physical parts were in
illustrations that couldn't be incorporated into the OpenProj format.
That's actually a distinction that I think is really important to hardware

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