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That's exactly the kind of feedback I need! Since I wrote it, of course I
know what it's supposed to be, but I don't know how other people will
interpret things at first glance.

I was intending for the (3) to be the Don't Know/Not Sure answer since it's
right in between (1) and (5). Thanks for pointing out that it's unclear.


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> Your survey is really thorough! I thought it was going to be mostly about
> personal questions, so maybe you should push them to the back to prevent
> people
> from jumping to conclusions about the rest of the survey.
> I wrote suggestions on some of the pages, one in particular is the survey
> needs
> an option for "not sure". Because you're forced to choose an answer even
> if you
> don't understand the question.
> Best,
> ~Marino
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