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Fri Mar 22 13:15:10 UTC 2013

Hello friends of the community,

Since this is an open hardware group I could probably gather some ideas for a
nutshell on "open hardware" or "open source hardware" in Nutshellpedia
<http://www.nutshellpedia.org/nutshells> . A simple description that an expert
would approve of, yet without it sounding technical. All in less than 500

We need a strong, consistent, accurate way to define open source hardware
because every inconsistency dilutes it on the internet.

Marketply is already working on a couple of trademarks to group openables (open
source, open technology) intuitively and then "donating" it to capable hands.
This is going to take certification to a new level: crowd certificification.
It's open, transparent, and free (with some deterrents which the community gets
to exercise).

There are more community-powered <http://www.marketply.org/seeds/#multiversal>
things I'll be announcing, I have to get to work though and I'll get online when
possible (I'm helping to set up the stage and equipment for Wrestlemania; I look
forward to the day when tours begin setting up open source hardware!). We set up
almost a month in advance, it takes that long! We'll be busy and should be an


Marino Hernandez
(just a founder of Marketply)
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