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This Jam is incredibly awesome! I'm actually a week or two away from
launching a website based on this exact problem.

I'd like to discuss organizing a parallel event in Colorado Springs or
Denver. It's not exactly a hotbed, but there are several entities out here
already like Sparkfun. This might actually be a perfect opportunity to get
some basic organization among the open source front range community.

Good stuff. It's exciting to see everyone thinking in the same direction.

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> Hi all,
> We're organizing a hackathon to arrive at some OSHW documentation best
> practices and tools: http://www.opensourcewarehouse.org
> It all started a few months ago with a few causal conversations with open
> source hardware developers that were concerned with the fact that weren't
> getting enough public contributions to their projects and also that they
> sometimes found it difficult to build on top of other's projects. Both were
> related to insufficient, deficient or hard to interpret documentation. So
> this got us thinking about how can we improve documentation to make open
> source hardware more accessible to all and to drive more contributions to
> projects. This is the initial list of challenges we identified (to build
> upon by the community):
> http://www.opensourcewarehouse.org/problem-statement/
> And here's an initial taxonomy (to be refined or abandoned at the
> hackathon):
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkNG-lv1ELQvdHViNEdtVHp4dHRWOU8tcDNSbXROY3c&usp=sharing
> Since this a huge challenge and one that concerns the entire community, we
> figured the best way to approach it would be to start with a hackathon to
> identify the problems and find ways to tackle them.
> We hope that some of the outcomes will be:
> - A set of best practices for open source hardware documentation, including
> a taxonomy and a check list.
> - A set of recommended software tools for generating and sharing
> documentation - this may either be the adoption of something that is
> already out there or, more likely, a mashup of existing platforms
> - A way to identify which parts of a project are open source and have
> documentation
> - The seed for an OSHW repository or a search engine
> I hope many of you can join us and bring your ideas and insights to the
> table. More details coming up on a separate email.
> Cheers,
> Catarina
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