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malcolm stanley a.malcolm.stanley at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 16:36:30 UTC 2013

*Nobody's worried about the hobby projects being open, they're worried
about the for-profit projects (see Makerbot).*

*Are you sure about that? I heard disagreement on that point a couple days
go. My own interests are around the commercial projects (for-profit and
not-for profit; it is possible to be commercial and not-for-profit). But I
can't say for sure that "nobody's interested".*

Hobbyists are a large potential source of members.

Hobby projects are a crucial source of ingenuity and research into areas
that are not currently deemed commercially viable, but may be some day.

The conversion of Hobbyists to Entrepreneurs is an important potential
outcome of our activities, as it may provide future growth in commercial
membership and commercial products released under the OSHW philosophy.

Politically, that conversion is an engine of job growth, not to be
overlooked when we need support and assistance in places that value that
sort of thing.

So we have many reasons why we might "worry" about the Hobbyist projects.

But you are right, its not clear that as a community here gathered that we
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