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malcolm stanley a.malcolm.stanley at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 18:37:48 UTC 2012

I just paid for my membership, and was happy to do so.
However, I am not sure I understood that I was setting up an 'automatic
payment profile', at least until paypal told me:

You just set up an automatic payment profile to Open Source Hardware
Association. Here's the information:
To:Open Source Hardware AssociationFor:OSHWA MembershipProfile ID:

About the automatic payment you just set up:
Amount to be paid each time:$100.00 USDBilling cycle:YearlyPayments start:Sep
28, 2012Next payment due:Sep 28, 2013Next payment amount:$100.00 USD
so constructive feedback, this feels like a negative option.

nothing I read said that this was the option I was choosing.
I had to go back and look at the page to read the text:

'Memberships are an annual subscription priced in USD. '

might just be me but that did not really indicate to me I was setting up a
recurring charge.
Given a choice between automatically recurring payments and making single
payments year after year,
I would have chosen the latter.

You really should fix this so it is much more transparent and the two
options are presented as choices.
If you must have the recurring default, spell it out more clearly so it is
not a surprise.

Still: thrilled to be a member and very much enjoyed summit.

malcolm stanley

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