[Discuss] Open Hardware defintion and eagle files

Devlin Thyne dthyne at dh-global.com
Fri Sep 14 14:47:14 UTC 2012

As I recall, one of the reasons for not requiring an open document on 
the nature of the editable file format was that the goal of creating 
OSHW was to actually be creating things. An open document requirement 
would be restrictive to the point of cutting off most OSHW creators' 
tools. The definition ceases to be very open if there is a restriction 
on what can be considered open. This may come to haunt us later down the 
line when an abandoned non-open format design needs to be resurrected 
and no one has the tool to do so. This will be one of the many growing 
pains we will have to go through.

Best regards,
Devlin Thyne

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