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Andrew Stone stone at toastedcircuits.com
Wed Nov 21 09:43:39 UTC 2012

IANAL. This is not legal advice.

WRT value, what is the chance a company will use your OSHW totally
unmodified?  at a min they will want to combine 2 tech on one board.  Often
they will want to change the SW significantly.  Use your OSHW as an
advertisement for your services.  one that you make a profit on!

If they have the eng cap to do it in house, they would have done so
regardless of your OSHW.

On Nov 18, 2012 9:01 PM, "gabriella levine" <gabriella.levine at gmail.com>

> In recent weeks I've started to formulate some answers to some questions
> but these are some of the questions I've been grappling with.
> 0. Are there guidelines for how to "do open source hardware the right way?"
> As in, how to document, where to document, what to publish, how to
> effectively get community feedback etc...
> 1. can I patent a technology then can we also call it open source? or is
> this then free tech, not open, because we would always potentially own the
> rights to it, in which case that isn't honest about it being open source?
> 1a. what would be the implications of getting a patent and can we make our
> own stipulations to a patent (ie we can never withhold information about it
> even though we own it?)?
>  2.would a patent or a provisional patent be something worth considering,
> for protection against someone taking my technology and patenting it?
> *2a.What does a patent or provisional patent do: protect against anyone
> else that tries to do what we’re doing?*
>  3. could *part* of the technology be patented and part be open source?
> 4.is my technology "un-patentable" after 1 year of documentation on line
> about it?
> 4a. what consists of publishing / documentation? online blogs, posts, or
> journals..?
> 5.Even as open source hardware technology, do I have to be careful and do
> patent research to make sure no one has patented something similar?
> 6. What is the benefit of an open hw corporation using license that is
> hosted by another company?
> 6a. Who would then *own* the IP? What does it mean to *own* IP? Is oshw
> IP always worth $0 because it is free and open to the public?
> 7. Would there be a benefit to having a specific open source license for
> different companies with slightly different needs or one general license
> that works for many cases? What licenses already exist for oshw and what
> are the differences between them?
> -how do I know what is right for my technology?
> Id love to hear feedback and would also love to share some of the stuff
> I've been learning
> gaby
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