[Discuss] OSHW questions

Andrew Katz Andrew.Katz at moorcrofts.com
Wed Nov 21 09:56:24 UTC 2012

Hi Andrew

On 21 Nov 2012, at 09:43, Andrew Stone <stone at toastedcircuits.com<mailto:stone at toastedcircuits.com>> wrote:

IANAL. This is not legal advice.

WRT value, what is the chance a company will use your OSHW totally unmodified?  at a min they will want to combine 2 tech on one board.  Often they will want to change the SW significantly.  Use your OSHW as an advertisement for your services.  one that you make a profit on!

This is an Apache-esque view, and one which I have a lot of sympathy for. I think open source software is gradually moving away from GPL-type licensing to less restrictive Apache-style licensing. However, there's another argument that says it was necessary for open source software to go through a coercive GPL phase first. Maybe the same is true of open hardware - I just don't know!



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