[Discuss] Open source hardware project hosting

Javier Serrano Javier.Serrano at cern.ch
Wed Jul 4 09:38:35 UTC 2012

On 07/04/2012 02:37 AM, John VanSaders wrote:
> In addition to setting up a project website, are there any recommendations for open source hardware project hosting providing tools for version control, downloads, forums, etc.? Something similar to Sourceforge for software, but centered around OSHW...

We created the Open Hardware Repository when we identified that need at
CERN and other Physics labs: http://www.ohwr.org/

We are very happy with all the technical choices we took: Chiliproject,
Git, Sympa...

However the focus of ohwr.org is controls and data acquisition hardware,
and we must keep it that way for scalability/maintainability reasons. I
compiled a short list of other sites people might want to use for
hosting, at the end of http://www.ohwr.org/projects/ohr-meta/wiki/

I think these days choices abound and it is also relatively
straight-forward to set up one's own hosting solution.



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