[Discuss] Yearly 'state of Open Source Hardware' report?

Christian Villum villum at autofunk.dk
Tue Jul 11 14:29:23 UTC 2017

Really like the idea of a yearly 'State of open hardware' publication; it
would be highly valuable in monitoring the space (would probably save all
of us a great deal of time keeping track of everything that goes on).

However, as someone who has previously headed the compilation of Open
Knowledge's annual Open Data Index, I also realize how much time and
resource is needed to manage such a grand task. Having an organisation (of
some sort) host the initiative would be necessary, I think (at least in an
ideal scenario) - or maybe at least we should find some funds to cover the
time for the person(s) taking on the task. Awesome Foundation or something
along those lines.


Christian Villum

On 11 July 2017 at 15:51, Diderik van Wingerden <
diderik at think-innovation.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> Related (somewhat?) to the "Open source files and code (and license) for
> Arduino, products missing?" thread and my regular observation that physical
> products of which the creators claim they are 'open source' regularly do
> not fit the requirements:
> Is it an idea to introduce a yearly research report 'the state of Open
> Source Hardware'?
> Something in a similar way that Creative Commons recently published State
> of The Commons <https://stateof.creativecommons.org/> report and Open
> Knowledge Foundation the Global Open Data Index <https://index.okfn.org/>
> report? As you can see for GODI, an extensive section is devoted to the
> license and compliance problem they observed for Open Data.
> I am not saying that it has to be identical. By all means no. Let's look
> at it as inspiration and re-invent it for Open Source Hardware. However,
> the prospect of a yearly recurring publication, having statistics and
> quantitative data as well as insights can be valuable. Perhaps connected to
> the already yearly occurring Summit. Or is the OSH movement perhaps too
> early stage to do this already and needs to mature a bit more first?
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