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Yeah, we haven't figured out a good solution for libre hardware yet.
Copyright works great for intangible things. No equivalent for tangible

That being said, it isn't necessarily worse. The main difference is legal
enforceability. Since hardware gets no protection at all outside of
patents, it's actually public by default; the equivalent of a very
permissive license.

So "open source" hardware works better than "free" hardware because you
can't really enforce the extra restrictions of "free" without an
appropriate legal structure.

The hard part is when the creator doesn't want to allow full public use of
their tangible invention. Personally, I don't think that's worth focusing
on. I'm more on the pragmatic open source side.

I'm not opposed to more options. It might be nice to have some version of
copyright-like protection in between "nothing" and "patent".

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Hello all.

The above link, goes to a french article translated in English. This
article is made by a french expertise in industrial property and Free
Culture (a PhD). This article is supposed to be an important article for
french makers, fablabs, hacklabs. I would say, it may have an impact as
important as an article of FSF but for french people focused on open
hardware questions. So, it is very important to know what do you think
about it. Then, if you have little time to read it, and to return feed
backs, it may help a lot french open hardware communities to progress
with this question.

1. what are your comments ?

2. would it be possible for you, to put the link of this article, on
your websites, social networks, and so on, to get returns ?

Thanks a lot,

Love And Peace, Freely,


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