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Hey friend, 

Here is  the list  of upcoming events you may  be interested in, you  may find  more information here http://www.tomkenis.be/Tom_Kenis/Scripts/Widgets/hat.php?e5e4

Yours, jim

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They sold an  incomplete game,  think about that for one  second. They've had to  work everyday  since release because it's single handedly the worst launch  of a competitive game on  Xbox of all  time. They took $60  from  you with promises they still haven't  kept up with. They're were no betas to test the game, people can bad mouth bungle all  they want, but destiny plays better than this, ever halo bungie  released has played better  than this (regardless if  this is all of them  in one). I'm not taking this  out on the community, I know they look at this subreddit.

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