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On Sun, Sep 25, 2016 at 4:23 PM, Emilio Velis <contacto at emiliovelis.com>

> Not for all legal regimes of copyright. I don't know how familiar you are
> with the actual legal context of copyright, but in the United States, for
> example, the requirement is more biased toward independent creation toward
> originality, whereas for creativity only "some minimal degree" is required.

​I am. In general, everybody is forced to be familiar with the context of
copyright in the United States since it is a concentrator of this kind of
​Funny thing, originality is easy to be confused with creativity. And a
kind of "trademark" of bad laws is that they are complex, full of diverse
contexts, specific cases, and stretchable definitions. This way they can be
easily exploited for whatever means by skilled lawyers​ and in the end the
entities with deeper pockets to pay more and better lawyers wins,
regardless of the written word. But alas, I'm sure this is just a
coincidence. That's now how copyright works, right? Patents neither!

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