[Discuss] Request for Comments: Digital DIY: Legal Challenges & Solutions Practised Report

Antoine C. smallwindturbineproj.contactor at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 13:37:34 UTC 2016

Hi Wouter.

What a job ! Bravo ! I've started to read.

1. The pdf format is not really easy to read, because of its low quality

2. Alert:
Please, please, please, do not call you 3.1. section "copyright",
please, oh please, let stop this, please really please Wouter, not for a
european paper, please please please Wouter.
Please find an other term like "right of authorship", or "right of
intellectual property", and then in the section, explain how the
"copyright" has taken a abnormal domination place around the world,
please Wouter, please, please, oh Wouter please.

I've stopped immediatly to read when I arrived at this stage.

Copyright is not a global notion. It came from common law, first from
England, and mainly imposed after by USA in order this nation to take a
dominant position around the world (whatever it is seen as good, or bad,
it is not the question). Local culture, in many places would haved
prefered not to be under the dominant position of copyright. And
flooding copyleft, is also a way to flood copyright, and to serve this

It is written in this section: "copyright is a legal right created by
the law of a country" ... arghhhh ... It is really confusing for people
who do not know the history of the "copyright". I suggest instead:
"Copyright is a legal right initialy created by the common law countries
(ie: England, and mainly USA) in order to develop and control their
exchanges with the rest of world, across agreements with other nations.
The term "Copyright" is often used to qualify rights of intellectual
property, or authorship rights, which, often are very different from the
common law right".

Please please please please, say it.

Sorry for this over alert ton. I just try to make sure, this should be
said, whatever it sounds bad or good for people. It is not the purpose
to know if it is good or bad. The purpose is to say it, because it is
the reality.

I return now to the reading of your nice and very usefull work ...

Love and peace,
Antoine C.

Le 21/09/2016 12:10, Wouter Tebbens a écrit :
> Dear colleagues, friends and OSHWA members,
> as you may know the Free Knowledge Institute is part of the Digital DIY
> research project. As part of our work we are studying the legal
> challenges and how practitioners resolve them.
> We have produced a draft report that we hope to be useful for the
> various maker and related communities. We would be delighted to receive
> your constructive feedback.
> Many of those challenges are addressed every now and then on this
> mailing list. Licensing is clearly one, in particular OSHW licenses.
> Other challenges include liability, drone regulation, IoT, privacy and
> anonymity, we touch blockchain and dangerous information.
> Here's a brief blogpost on it, from which you can download the PDF or
> add comments in a google docs version.
> http://www.didiy.eu/blogs/request-comments-report-dominant-legal-challenges-and-solutions-practised
> Any feedback will be welcome, through the channels mentioned in the blog
> or by mail to me personally.
> -
> best regards,
> Wouter Tebbens
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