[Discuss] Introducting Wikifab: wiki-based platform for open hardware projects.

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Wikifab has some really inspiring projects – thank you so much for posting.

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Pierre Boutet and I have co-founded Wikifab<http://en.wikifab.org>: a Mediawiki-based platform for sharing and collaborating on open hardware projects.

We built the platform to be powerful, flexible and intuitive so that its users only need to think about building their project.

After a year of development and discussion with the community, we're confident that Wikifab is now ready to be shared with you!

Here is what you should know:

#1. Wikifab is a non-profit organisation which stands for free knowledge and doesn't contain advertising or other promotional publicity.

#2. This is a BETA: Wikifab is still a work in progress. Things can sometimes break, the data is not always accurate and you'll probably bump into some unexpected things that we haven’t thought of yet. Bear with us, we're getting there and really appreciate your support.

#3. Small but growing: The number of tutorials on Wikifab is limited. So you might not find the project you’re looking for... yet. We encourage you to add tutorials to Wikifab, and we’re doing our part by adding new tutorials on a monthly basis.

#4. Our code<https://github.com/Wikifab/wikifab-main> is open source (MIT License): You can run a Wikifab instance on your own server. If you need support for an install, contact us, we are here to help! Feel also free to send us your lines of code via Github to improve the software.

#5. We like feedback: Your experience, thoughts and other feedback is all really appreciated and we have made space for it on the community forum<http://feedback.wikifab.org>. What's missing, what do you love, what would you like to see? We promise to look into it and it really helps us in making the right decisions to improve Wikifab.

#6. Subscribe to our newsletter to get monthly updates from our team in your inbox : http://bit.ly/2auHkqX

Welcome on board!


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