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> Additionally, in theory the OSHW inventions should be unpatentable after
> they're publicized.
> If I could change one thing about patents it would be that they are only
> enforceable if the patent holder is actively using the patent (like
> trademarks). It sickens me to see inventions put on a dark shelf just so
> they don't interfere with existing products. That's just me though.
​I do not know if I am adding noise to the OP's original question, but
regarding the matter of protecting *from patents*, that is, you have an
invention and you do not want someone patenting it, you have some kind of a
safe haven in the RepRap Project. They seized the expiration of the dreaded
stratasys​ FDM patent to popularize 3D printing, and they also have a
beautifully written manifest against patents -
http://reprap.org/wiki/Patents - but not only that: as they provide a
historical account of many inventions in open space, inventors use their
wiki to document all their ideas, endeavour and experiments to be used as
"prior art", the one thing that can invalidate a patent after it has been
applied or registered. You just go there and document your invention as
thoroughly as you can, with photos and even videos, and it will stay there,
and if someone patents it, you just provide this source as prior art in the

​Patents are horrible things that are halting technological development


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