[Discuss] OSH and Funding

Diderik van Wingerden diderik at think-innovation.com
Sat May 7 12:04:39 UTC 2016

Hi Andrew,

I have an Open Hardware start-up since Q3 2014. We developed a generic
purpose open source health & actity tracker, which is currently being
used by partners to develop solutions for specific patient groups, like
Parkinson's Disease. We have got 75k euro in external funding, none VC,
we still have 100% equity as co-founders. We have thought and talked
about the VC thing a lot and have it very clear why not to go for that
one. The interests fundamentally just do not align, which does not only
go for the OSH start-up, but for many other start-ups as well. The
typical Silicon Valley VC is only looking for a big ROI, times 10 at
least, times 100 beter. Go big or go bust. Go big means: create a
(platform) monopoly and own the future. I can give you more details
about our vision, experience and arguments if you like. See also:

Warm regards, hartelijke groet,

Diderik van Wingerden

"It is up to us."

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