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Nancy Ouyang nancy.ouyang at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 03:45:00 UTC 2016

lolwut. Autodesk bought Eagle?!
[image: Inline image 1]

i feel so conflicted about this >.<;; *

gross, they want to keep the eagle UI format, which is *horrible* for
beginners (i challenge anyone to teach Eagle and say differently; what this
autodesk guy is describing is the Stockholm Syndrome
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome> of experienced users...)

I think in some ways *one of the things that makes EAGLE special to so many
> people is its UI.* Speaking from experience, there is zero playbook when
> you build a UI for a tool that is so specific to a domain, especially when
> you began this long before there were UI standards out there (remember
> EAGLE is more than 25 years in the making). So I credit the EAGLE
> developers with managing to build a tool that isn’t surrounded by so much
> fluff! Can we make improvements? Of course we can, but it’s always a
> balance and we have to avoid compromising its simplicity for more menu
> options and workspace panel-creepage.

yay for free 6 layer!

This is essential to EAGLE’s success – period. *So yes, we will continue to
> make the freeware version of EAGLE available.* We’ll also be zeroing out
> the educational license and making the *6-layer version available free to
> students and faculty for non-commercial work.* We’ve done this in part to
> bring this into line with all Autodesk products (Fusion and Inventor for
> example are all free to students and startups making less that $100K /
> year) but also because the 6-layer license finally makes it possible for
> students to begin designing wireless (impedance controlled feed lines for
> example tend to be pegged against a plane layer) and likewise use more
> sophisticated memory busses (like DDR) which also require impedance
> controls.

but boo sounds like linux support will get left behind

> *Could cross platform support (like Linux support in particular) come to
> other Autodesk software life Fusion 360?*This is something we’re
> definitely aiming for. Fusion already runs under Windows and Mac so we have
> those OS’s covered. The goal is always to find the best way to address this
> and as connectivity becomes better, this opens up some interesting new ways
> to serve applications that work across platforms.

yay for open file formats

> The XML format isn’t going away! Eagle users have only benefitted from
> this openness and from the efforts of the open source community.

and it sounds like a semi "call for comments" is open

> *How/where can makers or any customers of Cadsoft EAGLE participate in
> giving feedback, suggestions, or just ask questions about all this?*EAGLE
> will continue to be sold and supported by the Cadsoft team and we’re super
> excited to have them on board. If anyone has specific questions, by all
> means let the team know and we’ll answer any questions anyone has.

anyway, i look forward to 2017, we we start using Eagle in the cloud... XD;

in other words, go KiCAD go! i'm rooting for you :3

my personal blog <http://www.orangenarwhals.com/>, orangenarwhals

**(for one thing, diptrace has such a better interface already than eagle,
but as we all know communities (the masses? ...sounds so elitist lol),
though they add a lot of value for everyone, including both beginning
(hobbylist) and experienced (professional) engineers, have no obligation to
coalesce around what, as engineers, we might consider the "best" or
"superior engineering" solution)*

*Hattip openmanufacturing mailing list -- see below:*

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'Exclusive interview with Autodesk about the CadSoft EAGLE purchase!
@autodesk @CadSoftTech @technolomaniac'


Why did Autodesk purchase Cadsoft EAGLE?
EAGLE really represents a major step forward for Autodesk into the
world of the “whole product”. So where previously we had tools for
both mechanical design and manufacturing; the goal with EAGLE was to
widen the range of tools to enable people –whether they were makers or
professionals—to build whole “things.” And as so much of what we’re
building these days includes the sorts of electrical and software
intelligence people need to make devices do interesting stuff, it made
a ton of sense to add board-level design to Autodesk.

If anyone can make a dream product design interface that breaks-out
into civil planning, Autodesk certainly has the insight, talent, and

Nathan W. Cravens | @nwcrav | p2pfoundation.net/Nathan_Cravens

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