[Discuss] curious statement on github about oshwa certiification

Nancy Ouyang nancy.ouyang at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 16:48:37 UTC 2016

"This project is open source in the sense that I legally permit people to
do whatever they want with the source code, design drawings, etc.; and in
the sense that I provide that information for them to do what they want. It
is EXPLICITLY NOT COMPLIANT with the OSHWA Certification. It never will be,
because the only thing that certification adds to a project is increased
liability to civil suits. "

Is this simply a complaint about copyleft vs public domain, or is there
more to it? Haven't been following the certification draft (beta?)
discussion, sorry -- does anyone have a link? skimmed oshwa.org and didn't
see anything in particular (though saw a discussion about the design of the
mark i think)

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