[Discuss] licensing with some exclusivity in hardware

Antoine C. smallwindturbineproj.contactor at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 12:48:02 UTC 2016

Hi Wouter,

Le 29/06/2016 13:07, Wouter Tebbens a écrit :
> 1) How effective is the Creative Commons "NC" clause in designs on the
> restriction of commercial activity with the hardware build with those
> designs? 
Creative Commons, even NC, has ABSOLUTLY NO effect on hardware buildings
in French juridiction, except if the designs are a real ornemental
creation and are immediatly visible. 
And, as those licences are based on "copyright" law, and on Bern
agreements connecting local laws with USA copyright law, from talks I
had with lawyer people from Mozilla, Creative Commons and FSF, it seems
that any CC, or any Free Licence, have absolutly no effect on hardware

> CopyFarLeft license, [3], .../... CopyFair license,
> [4] and the Peer Production License, [5].
> .../... Are such restrictions really
> effective when some party decides to producte a product based on the design?
As those licences, are also based on copyright law, they also have no
effect on hardware buildings.

OHL are the only way to make a bridge with hardware buildings, BUT, this
link is not based on a law: it works only as an agreement between 2
professional players who want to create a chain of players under those
terms and conditions.

Whatever, any patentable design, will have first to be patented before
being put under OHL.

A group of people in France is very concerned with those questions. We
are linked with P2P, and we progress on those problems. Yesterday at
PSESHSF2016 <https://www.pseshsf.org/fr/programme/2016/>, Calimaq and I,
did 2 first presentations related to those questions.
We met during the year, with Phd people working on those questions, and
we scheduled to meet again around october.

Love and Peace,
Antoine C.

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