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Franz Nahrada f.nahrada at reflex.at
Mon Feb 29 23:54:54 UTC 2016

One idea that I have is to raise voices in the community of people with
some multiplying influence or reputation.

I am sure that Envienta does not want to enter the scene with bad

I suggest to write a short draft letter stating in a very friendly way
that Open Source Ecology is widely recognized and "branded" as the
original work of Marcin Jakubowski, which is more real and substantial to
me than to stress an Open Source definition which is as you write not
shared by the general public.

Franz Nahrada
Global Villages Network
Vienna, Austria

by the way, on the side: in Austria we are having a very nice "scandal"
about a university (TU Wien) which decided to protect students designs for
refugee housing with a true Open Source License. The professional chamber
of Architects lamented that this means "ruining the profession" and they
sparked a public debate ...

for those fluent in German its a bounty: 

"First they ignore you, then they fight you, and then you have won".

The Open Source Hardware Association Discussion List
<discuss at lists.oshwa.org> schreibt:
>Thanks for the feedback. I will assume that Envienta is not operating
>maliciously and request that they do not use Open Source Ecology - in
>good faith, as team players. 
>The intent of OSE applying the Open Source Ecology trademark was to
>prevent anyone from blatantly misusing the Open Source Ecology term -
>such as by using Open Source Ecology to refer to projects that do not
>meet the open source definition. Envienta appears to be using [
>]NC, which is not an open source pursuant to the open source definition.
>This is fuzzy territory, because few people understand that Open Source
>has a rigorous definition from [ https://opensource.org/osd-annotated
>]OSI and [ http://www.oshwa.org/definition/ ]OSHWA that means beyond
>'something cool.' 
>Perhaps the 'friendly reminder' could serve as a starting point of
>discussion on these issues, and I'm sure many people will take the
>discussion in good faith.

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