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Dr. Peter Troxler trox at fabfolk.com
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Two observations:

(1) Envienta operates out of the Canary Islands (Spain) and appear also to be based in Hungary, whereas the OSE trademark is for the US territory

(2) Evnienta promotes "a fast growing, sustainable, cost-effective, non-profit, decentralized and holistic socioeconomic model",  they actually provide some nano-material, api's for smart homes (probably among other stuff) whereas the OSE trademark covers 
> Nice class number	9
> List of goods and services	Digital materials, namely, cds, dvds and downloadable video, audio, text and image files featuring plans for human communities, settlements, physical developments, business enterprises, research facilities, villages, urban environments, and emergency housing
> Nice class number	41
> List of goods and services	Training services in the field of industrial machine fabrication and use within business
> Nice class number	42
> List of goods and services	Design and development of industrial machine fabrication; research and development in the field of industrial machine fabrication

That's the basis to build a trade mark case, which ihmo is not a strong one. IANAL, TINLA, etc.

> On 28 Feb 2016, at 10:59, Marcin Jakubowski <marcin at opensourceecology.org> wrote:
> Friends, 
> Jae Sabol of One Community <http://onecommunityglobal.org/> pointed this out to me some time ago a group called Envienta, who is using Open Source Ecology as a prominent byline in their branding. I am the director of Open Source Ecology and we have a trademark on Open Source Ecology. Jae emailed them asking if they knew that we have a trademark on the name, but he got no response - that was a few months ago. The association with Envienta is not positive from the open source perspective - in that they do not appear use an OSHWA compliant hardware license (they appear to be NC) - so we should probably give them a friendly reminder to not use our name. I am concerned about them diluting our brand, as they promote fake open source, contrasted with our strong open source positioning such as the Distributive Enterprise Business Case <https://www.facebook.com/OpenSourceEcology/photos/a.10151381815921562.574965.66469461561/10154627270176562/?type=3&theater>.
> Does anyone have any suggestions how to handle this?
> Marcin
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