[Discuss] EOMA68 Libre Hardware Standard and Libre Software project, currently crowd-funding (deadline expires 26th aug 2016)

lkcl . luke.leighton at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 22:08:41 UTC 2016

hi folks, many apologies, i have been working extremely hard for the
past five years, focussing on bringing libre hardware to the world
based on an open standard called EOMA68, so did not have time to find
the OSHWA until someone very recently mentioned it... towards the
*end* of the crowd-funding campaign that i've been running, here:

i apologise because from the limited and very quick review of this
month's posts alone i can clearly see that it would be of interest to
many of you.  a quick set of links:

* This link shows the level of libre hardware and libre software
compliance of the project, which dates back *five years*
* Tarrin Lupo's video explains why it's good for off-grid usage (right
in the middle of a thunderstorm)
* The HopeConf2016 live video illustrates "what" as well as "why" in
just over 3 minutes
* We're applying for RYF Certification (a good sign that the software
*really is* truly and 100% libre):
* Paul Boddie's insightful post goes from a different perspective,
covering the dozens of criticisms and misunderstandings of the
campaign in-depth:
* We also have a huge amount of coverage on over thirty different
forums, it's been really really challenging to keep up

it is particularly interesting for me to note the similarity in the
EOMA68 compliance that's required, compared to OSHWA compliance.  i am
however extremely deeply distrustful of the use of the word "open".
it is unfortunately misleading, mis-used, and is viewed as a
"subversion and infiltration strategy" onto and into the libre ethical
practices.  dr stallman in his talks refers to "open source" as "the
reaaallly nice guy, that everybody loves.... who just cannot say no".
 i *get* why it's being used though.

anyway i leave it with you, and once again apologise for not being
aware of your efforts earlier.


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